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  • Kung Fu Through Trials Kung Fu Through Trials 21459 plays A martial theme invented a game, you will face the challenge of many martial masters. Exquisite imagery and a sense of smooth operation, with a strong sense of rhythm, background music, will give you a fun gaming experience.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Style Kung-Fu Panda Style 20349 plays Guess who's back , my dear ones? Oooooof course it's Kung-Fu Panda! He spent his last year learning ninja skills from some great masters, and now he has return and joined forces with other kung-fu masters for a very special and important mission!!! In order to start hiss mission, he needs to find the appropriate camouflage clothes so that the enemies won't see him. Help him with this secret mission!
  • Download Fighter Download Fighter 12869 plays Fight with fellow hooligans in the while people are enjoying the game.
  • Duel Game Duel Game 10335 plays Use your Kung Fu skills and duel against your enemies.
  • Bullet Time Fighting Bullet Time Fighting 9208 plays Fight your enemy with special moves that you inherited from the famous movie.
  • Kung Fu Master Kung Fu Master 8437 plays A Garbage recycling game with a twist of Kungfu.
  • Taco Fu Taco Fu 7994 plays A Taco Bell themed sidescrolling fighting game. Beat up the fatsos.
  • Martial Tricks Martial Tricks 6756 plays From the shadows emerge the martial masters, always alert and ready to rumble. Push the arrows shown to complete the martial tricks and win the fight!
  • Kung Fu Special Trainer Kung Fu Special Trainer 6688 plays Help this Kung Fu fighter destroy as many melons as possible.
  • Jackie Chan's: Rely on Relic Jackie Chan's: Rely on Relic 6009 plays Valmont has taken Jade, To force Jackie to hand over the talisman in his possession but Jackie is not the negoiating type and don't like people messing with his family.
  • Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer Stick Trinity 2 Zombie Slayer 5415 plays Kill loads of zombies and try to stay alive.
  • Kung Fu Panda Death Match Kung Fu Panda Death Match 5040 plays Help the Panda to fight against all kung fu masters.
  • Fighters Rampage Fighters Rampage 4941 plays Pick your stick figure and fight against the CPU. Use your special attacks to win each match.
  • Stabika 1 Stabika 1 4937 plays Help Kade escape from some jerks that were experimenting on him. Be sure to press the keys that flash up at just the right time to advance further in the game. It gets tricky!
  • Kung Fu Young Kung Fu Young 4921 plays Who needs an arcade cabinet when you can play the street brawl action game Kung Fu Young.
  • Kung Fu Hustle Kung Fu Hustle 4834 plays Swing the fighter around and make him punch and swing into people at just the right time.
  • Pencak Silat 1.2: Defender of the Motherland Pencak Silat 1.2: Defender of the Motherland 4670 plays Pencak Silat is the original martial art style of Indonesian. The tournament is open with the greatest Pencak Silat warriors all over the world.
  • Tom Green show Tom Green show 4634 plays Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.
  • Fight Man - Xiao Xiao 3 Fight Man - Xiao Xiao 3 4237 plays The Xiao Xiao series was created by Zhu, a mysterious man from the east who has blessed us with some of the best stick-figure games and movies ever
  • Little Fighter Alpha Ch.7 Little Fighter Alpha Ch.7 4196 plays Bat encounters Louis EX, as he thought he could defeat him once more, Louis EX suprisingly unleashes an army, will Bat survive
  • Little Fighter Alpha Ch. Little Fighter Alpha Ch. 4091 plays The Little Fighters are on their way to face one of the most feared sorcerers, John. They must enter an unfamiliar forest to find him, but are ambushed by unwelcome guests.
  • Nacho Kung Fu Nacho Kung Fu 4078 plays You are Nacho and all you have to do is to fight different fighters from across the city using your special wrestling moves. Be ready to fight different opponents. Fill up the meter to unlock new moves as you progress on each level. Good luck Nacho!
  • Tower of Death Tower of Death 4031 plays Your goal is to make it to the top of the tower. Each level of the tower has a guard that you must defeat in order to proceed.
  • Kung Fu Remix Kung Fu Remix 4004 plays Good remake of the original arcade hit which came out in the 1980s.
  • Shock 2 Shock 2 3874 plays You can't top this one ! Extreme Stick fighting Animation taken to a new level by the master: Terkoiz.
  • Street Fighter LoA Full Street Fighter LoA Full 3869 plays The full rpg game based on Street Fighter
  • Gideon Fu Gideon Fu 3864 plays A remix of the classic side scrolling, fighting game Kung Fu.
  • Kung Fu Adventure Kung Fu Adventure 3815 plays Use your platform to bounce the samurai into the air, fight against enemies and rescue damsels.

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